Pregnancy Massages at Fluid Spa & Salon

Becoming a New Mother This Year? Fluid does Pregnancy Massages

Did you know that massage therapy can help relieve many of the unpleasant sensations that accompany the joys of pregnancy? Read on to learn about the benefits of pregnancy massages.

What are pregnancy massages?

A pregnancy massage is a massage that is adapted for women who are pregnant, and are done by a registered massage therapist (RMT) who is qualified. Massages are gentle and soothing on the body and are designed to relax the body while easing aches and pains. 

Always make sure you get your pregnancy massage from a registered massage therapist who is qualified to offer prenatal massages. Apart from knowing exactly which areas to massage and which ones to avoid, a qualified RMT also knows exactly which massage oils are safe for you and baby and will offer you the most benefits.

What you need to know before getting a pregnancy massage

There are enormous benefits to getting a massage when you are pregnant. However, there are a few things you need to take into account before booking an appointment. 

The general consensus is that getting a massage from a RMT when you are pregnant is safe. The first trimester is when both you and your baby need to be extra-careful. Most  registered massage therapists don’t recommend getting a massage until you are in your second trimester as they are concerned that the increased blood flow may harm the baby.

 Always consult a doctor if you are in doubt and do not get a pregnancy massage if you suffer from high blood pressure that isn’t controlled by medication, preeclampsia or have had surgery recently.

Benefits of pregnancy massages

Now that you know all the don’ts, read on to learn about how prenatal massages can do you a world of good.

1. Aches and Pains

Pregnancy can trigger a whole bunch of aches and pains you may have never felt before like back pain, stiff muscles, and leg cramps. Add these to the fact that you are limited in the medications you can take, and the idea of getting a massage gets more appealing. A pregnancy massage can gently soothe these aches away and improve your range of movement. 

2. Reduced Swelling

The increased blood flow in your body along with the extra pressure caused by your uterus on your legs can lead to painful swelling of your feet and ankles. Massage can improve circulation to help the swelling subside and decrease pain.

3. Reduced Stress and Anxiety

All the changes pregnancy brings to your body along with the pressures of everyday life can cause stress and anxiety. Apart from bringing physical comfort, a massage can help relieve some of the stress and anxiety as it releases feel-good hormones in the body. 

4. Sleep Better

The relief from pain and your improved mood goes a long way towards helping you sleep better at night. Additionally, massage therapy also helps the release of serotonin, a hormone that contributes towards sleep regulation. The combination of pain relief and serotonin can help you get a better night’s sleep in preparation for when baby gets here.

How does a pregnancy massage work?

At Fluid Spa, we offer pregnancy massages for 45 minutes or 60 minutes with a registered massage therapist. Just like a regular massage, you lie down on a massage table. The massage therapist will give you extra cushions and bolsters to make sure you are comfortable. Unlike other massages, you will typically lie down on your side instead of your stomach – especially in the later stages of your pregnancy. The therapist will discuss specific areas of concern with you and give you a gentle soothing massage to leave you feeling rejuvenated. 

Our goal is to make you feel good and form a deeper connection with all the wonderful changes your body is going through. Our therapists will guide you through the entire process so you feel safe and comfortable at all times.

Get in touch with our team and book your appointment today!


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