Best Low Maintenance Hair Cuts

Have you ever walked into a hair salon, had your hair cut, and walked out feeling like a million bucks? A visit to the hairdresser can really elevate your mood. Fast forward to a few days later, have you ever washed your hair only to find that you either need to spend a fair amount of time styling it or tie it up in a bun so no one can see the mess it has turned into?

Fortunately, there are plenty of get-up-and-go haircuts out there that work well for different types of hair. Read on for our round up of the best low maintenance hair cuts for your hair type.

Thick Hair

Thick hair is great for many different hair cuts and styles as gravity tends to work in its favour especially when you go for layers to add volume.

1. Layered Tiers

Thick hair can feel heavy. Long layers of varying lengths that flow seamlessly from one to the next can take some of the weight off while still making it look lusciously thick. It works really well for both straight hair or curly and takes oodles of time off of your morning styling routine. Simply, fluff up and go. Think of adding balayage highlights for some extra oomph.

2. Curly Shag

The popular shag hair style of the 70s is back in full form – with a modern update of course. One of the biggest issues with curly hair is that all the weight gets concentrated at the bottom. Short layers at the top of head and around the crown adds volume while the longer layers keep the length. Simply wash your hair, add your favourite curly hair products, scrunch, and go. Refresh with a hair mister between washes.

3. Undercut Straight Bob

If you’re ok spending a couple of minutes every morning on your hair (hey, we did say ‘low’ maintenance not ‘no’ maintenance!) then this one might be for you. A short bob with a graduated undercut at the back gives you a powerful look. The longer layers and the thickness of the hair help keep the hair in the front in place.

Fine Hair

Fine hair does tend to need some care especially if you want to give it some volume.

1. Face Framing Blunt Shag

The infamous shag hairstyle of the 70s is no longer reserved for those with thick or medium hair. The blunt shag looks uber chic. Opt for fringe bangs like Billy Eilish or go for blunt ones to go with the rest of the hairstyle. It’s really up to you. The blunt razor cut ends add texture and volume to your hair.

2. The Classic Lob

Thin hair needs volume, and you can’t go wrong with the classic lob. The long bob or ‘lob’ looks great slightly tousled. Choose curtained bangs to add some fun to the classic look. Scrunch your hair with a little bit of mousse while still wet to add volume.

3. Short Bob with Side Bangs

Short hair needs less time to wash, comb or style. A short bob looks stylish. Add in some side bangs to bring the look into the modern age. Plus, they force your hair to stay in place no matter what.

Choosing a hair cut that suits your hair type can go a long way towards reducing your styling time. Take the time to talk to your hair stylist and let them know that you are looking for something low maintenance.

Book your appointment with one of Fluid Spa’s incredible hair stylists today or get in touch with us to see how we can add some extra pizzaz to your hair.


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