Fluid Spa Holiday Gift Guide

Fluid Spa Holiday Gift Guild

Holiday season is just around the corner – and it’ll be upon us before we know it. If you aren’t one of those people who buys their presents in April, now is the time to be thinking of getting those presents in. Spa gift cards are a great way to spread that holiday cheer. After all, in today’s hectic world the gift of some R & R will always be welcomed. 

How A Spa Voucher Can Solve Many of Your Gift Giving Problems

Spa gift vouchers are awesome gifts to give. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Perfect for Those Who Have Everything

Everyone has friends and family members who seem them have everything they need, which makes buying presents for them extremely hard. A spa gift voucher can be the perfect solution – everyone needs a spa day every so often.

  • They Make Great Stocking Fillers

Spa vouchers don’t have to be exorbitant. Smaller treatments like eyebrow tints don’t cost the earth and can be covered in a $50 gift voucher. Simply print out the voucher and slip it into a stocking and you’re good to go.

  • Last Minute Presents

If you’ve accidentally forgotten to get a gift for a loved one and don’t want to brave the holiday shopping rush or risk a late delivery, a spa gift voucher can do the trick. Simply purchase one online and have your present in your email inbox within seconds.

  • Ideal for Men and Women

Spa gifts are not just for women, there are plenty of treatments that men will appreciate too. Vouchers allow them to pick and choose the treatments they want.

  • Spa Gifts Aren’t Limited to Vouchers

If you want to give something more than a voucher, consider gifting a spa experience instead. Fluid Spa offers plenty of spa packages your loved ones are sure to enjoy. In fact, why not combine the package with some quality time spent with your loved one by booking a package for two?

Spa Gift Ideas

There are plenty of spa experiences you can gift a loved one beyond a gift voucher. Read on for some of our top picks for gifting. 

  • Couples Massage: Book one for yourself and your partner as a special holiday treat or gift one to a couple you love. They’ll appreciate the fact that you want them to spend some time relaxing together.
  • Sky Package: There’s nothing as refreshing as a massage followed by a sauna. Fluid Spa’s sky package offers a deeply relaxing massage followed by a rejuvenating private sauna experience that sets you up for the year ahead.
  • Fluid Manicure: Pamper hard working hands with a Fluid Manicure that involves a relaxing cuticle soak, oil massage, nourishing paraffin wax treatment, and a polish treatment that will make you smile every time you look at your hands.
  • Facial: Give a loved one a facial as an early holiday present to get them ready for the busy holiday season or one for just after. Either way, your thoughtfulness will be much appreciated.

As you can see, a spa gift card or an experience is a unique and thoughtful gift to give. Check out all the services Fluid Spa has to offer and start making a list of all the people you want to spoil this holiday season today.


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