Hair extensions

All About Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair, at Fluid Spa, we have several options available to help you change your look. High-quality hair extensions can enhance your look and give you a totally new style without having to wait months for your own hair to grow! From adding volume to fine or thin hair, or going from short hair to long hair, hair extensions are a great way to change up your hair game.
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Brands We love

Bellami hair extensions
Bellami hair extensions are a notable brand of quality hair extensions available in various colours and lengths.

Bombay hair
Available in permanent, clip-in and tape options, Bombay hair extensions are another popular, high-quality hair extensions brand with many options in terms of colour and length.

Hair Cut Services, Fluid Spa, Hair Salon Langley
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What are quality hair extensions?

The hair extensions market is saturated with all kinds of hair extensions. It can feel overwhelming to try to figure out what are the best hair extensions for you and your hair type and quality.

Hair extensions for fine hair

Fine hair can look thin, which no one wants. For fine hair, it is important only to use hair extensions that are not heavy and don’t add weight or pressure to your natural hair. This is because this can result in hair loss. The two main factors you need to keep in mind when looking for hair extensions for fine or thin hair are weight and how well your natural hair can hide the extensions. Weft hair extensions can also be good for adding volume to thin hair. However, some people with thin hair find Weft hair extensions uncomfortable or too heavy.
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Hair Styling, Fluid Spa, Hair Salon Langley

Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are a great option for thin hair. They are easy to install, semi-permanent, and can last up to 6 weeks. They are easy to blend in with your natural hair and can be reused for up to 8 weeks after the first application with new tape.

The benefit of human hair extensions

In terms of quality, human hair extensions are the best. Human hair tends to look the most natural and can be styled, unlike synthetic hair extensions. Human hair extensions can last for longer than a year, whereas synthetic hair extensions last roughly 3 months. Synthetic hair extensions can look incredible if you are looking for hair extensions for a single event or for a few nights. If you are planning on wearing your hair extensions for longer periods, then human hair extensions will probably look and feel the most natural and be the most comfortable in your own hair for long periods.
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Hair Styling, Fluid Spa, Hair Salon Langley

Clip-in hair extensions

Another option for quick, temporary hair extensions is clip-in hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are easy to do at home and can instantly give you length. Ideal for events, photo shoots, or other events. It is not recommended to sleep in clip-in hair extensions, and this is because sleeping in your extensions can damage your extensions, scalp, and hair.

Weft hair extensions

Weft human hair extensions are some of the most realistic, heavy hair extensions that can be cut and styled in numerous ways. Weft hair extensions are made of human hair that is sewn onto thick strips called wefts. Wefts are then “sewn” onto your natural hair by a hairstylist.

I-tip extensions

I-tip hair extensions are small strands of hair with a pointy tip. Each bundle or strand of hair is then attached to your hair by a small bead or crimp. Like most hair extensions, I-tips should be removed and refreshed every three months in order to keep them looking fresh.
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Hair Colouring, Fluid Spa, Hair Salon Langley

Remy hair extensions

Remy hair extensions are another human hair extension type with high hair quality. Remy hair extensions are hair extensions that have all of the hair’s cuticles intact. The hair cuticle is the protective layer on the outside of the hair made up of overlapping cells, like the tiles on a roof or the scales on a fish, but facing downwards. Healthy hair cuticles are smooth and flat, giving your hair shine and protecting the inner layer from damage.