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Massage Therapy vs Spa Massage

Massage therapy, unlike a massage that is only for relaxation, is done by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). Massage therapy focuses on deep tissue treatments, and pain relief from a variety of conditions, from multiple sclerosis to sports injuries. Massage therapy often is a prescribed treatment, and can be covered by extended health benefits, with many RMTs offering direct billing. Massage therapy is a truly therapeutic experience, conducted by a knowledgeable professional who has passed multiple exams and has hundreds of hours of training. In British Columbia, massage therapy is a form of treatment that many people in Langley BC love.

Registered massage therapists (RMT)

Registered massage therapists are dedicated professionals, who help their patients address and meet their wellness goals. During a massage session, for therapeutic reasons, an RMT could be treating pain caused by arthritis, injuries, and other muscle and joint pain. While massage therapy can help the patient relax, as it is easier to relax when you are not in pain, sometimes the point of massage therapy is not for the massage session to be a relaxation massage, but instead to be a healing one.

  • 30 minute
  • 45 minute
  • 60 minute
  • 75 minute
  • 90 minute

*Analysis included in appointment time. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

Kinds of Massage therapy langley

At Fluid Spa, our experienced registered massage therapists are trained in techniques to assist with sore muscles, sports injuries, headache relief, back issues, and of course, relaxation. There are many benefits of massage. Holistic health and wellness mean that the entire body is cared for. Massage therapy is an effective treatment based option that can provide safe massage techniques administered by highly educated registered massage therapists.

Trigger point therapy

One method of using massage to treat pain is trigger point therapy. Trigger points are sore, painful spots, also referred to as knots, found in muscles. These trigger points are very sensitive. When pressure is applied to these points, it creates pain in a different part of your body. Trigger point release therapy helps to work out these knots and reduce the pain associated with them.

Knots or trigger points can form due to many reasons. Due to sports injuries, over or underuse of muscles, or poor posture and other reasons these knots can form and cause unnecessary discomfort and pain. Massage therapy specifically for trigger points may be uncomfortable for some patients, although many patients experience both discomfort and relief.

After a therapeutic massage, it is normal to feel tired or have some residual soreness for a day or two after your appointment. Treating muscle tension and soreness can lead to soreness, but ultimately, with proper techniques, massage will lead to pain relief, relaxation, and even increased joint mobilizations.

Massage treatments for injury

Sports injuries can greatly benefit from massage therapy. When our muscles or joints are injured, mobility can become an issue. As the area heals, it can swell, which can cause stiffness, soreness, and mobility issues. Professional athletes often receive massage therapy as an ongoing treatment as a form of prevention, as there are a lot of health and wellness benefits to having regular massage appointments.

Injuries caused by a car accident can also benefit from massage therapy treatment, especially for patients with whiplash.

Pregnancy massage

Everyone has individual health care goals that need to be met in a variety of ways. Naturopathic medicine and massage therapy are two natural, non-invasive treatment options that many clients seek for their overall wellness goals.

Both pre and post natal massages can have a huge benefit for pregnant clients. Pregnancy massages can help alleviate back and leg pain, recuse anxiety and stress, help ease insomnia, and improve your mood. Neck massages can also help aid in relieving headaches. Pregnancy massage needs to be done on a special massage table, by a massage therapist who has education about anatomy and massage. Treating pregnancy-related aches and pains with massage therapy is a recognized treatment that is more gentle on the body than pain killers and medication.

An individualized treatment plan

Every body is different and responds differently to different treatments. Massage therapists are knowledgeable about both the human body, and how massage can help treat physical pain caused by everyday illnesses, conditions, and injuries. These ailments include a huge range of conditions from carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fascistic, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and other common health problems. Massage therapy in Langly can also help British Columbians who are suffering from anxiety. Thre are many physical services that are holistic and naturopathic in nature that have positive benefits in many aspects of life.

From pregnancy to athletes, to cancer patients and anyone interested in improving their general health and wellness, a massage is a proven method of treating many ailments.

Massage therapy for relaxation

While spa massages are often primarily relaxation massages, at Fluid Medi Spa, our talented RMTs can do both. From headaches to neck pain, there are various techniques that can help. Whether you are a weekend warrior, experiencing pregnancy, or treating long-term chronic pain, visiting a massage therapy clinic, or RMT at a spa is a great form of treatment.

  • Full Body Relaxation Massage, 45/60/75 min
  • Hot stone, 60 min
  • Aromatherapy, 60 min
  • Fluid focus, 30 min

Myofascial release massage therapy

A truly therapeutic experience, myofascial release is a boost to your lymphatic system and your overall health and wellness. Manual drainage of the lymphatic system in your face can have a hugely positive effect. There are many massage therapy techniques that can have a positive impact and provide relief to the facial system. What makes the myofascial release so special is that it deals with the fluid dynamics of the face, and fascial system. Myofascial release can help release pressure in the face. It is essentially like a deep tissue massage for your face, where a lot of people carry tension. (If you’re reading this, unclench your jaw, you’re welcome).

Treat yourself and your health

Massage, be it purely for relaxation, or to treat an injury, from pregnant women to a sports team, an appointment with a masseuse who is a registered massage therapy expert can help increase your mobility and flexibility, and lower your chronic pain.

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