Laser Hair Removal Langley

Looking for Laser Hair Removal Langley?

Dealing with unwanted hair is a task, considering the painful procedures which are common for hair removal.

Now, in current times, hair removal is quite a debatable topic. Some like their skin smooth and hair-free, while the rest prefer keeping it au naturel!

Either way, we want you to feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin. And if that means getting a laser hair removal to bid farewell to the occasional stubble, regular waxing expenses, and painful treatments, so be it!

However, we understand if you’re still skeptical about laser hair removal. After all, you’re practically zapping away your hair follicles! But trust us, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Here’s a brief run-through of the procedure, our services, and things you must know before trying laser for the first time…


We at Fluid Medical Spa And Wellness Centre are there to help you achieve effective and comfortable laser treatments and other beauty services. Thus, we offer laser hair removal services for larger areas like legs and arms, as well as smaller, sensitive parts like the upper lip, the bikini line, and more for all skin types and hair types. Rest assured, our expert staff will ensure minimum discomfort with great results.
Ensuring a therapeutic, serene experience for our clients is the priority. So, the moment you step in, you are in for a treat!

For starters, we like to welcome our clients with a warm cup of organic tea. Next, our experts will walk you through the 17 treatment rooms and guide you on our professional medical and pampering procedures. All the treatment rooms are large, well-lit, and equipped with the best technology to ensure you enjoy a really great experience. Our lasers are top in the industry with ND:yag, Softlight, Diode and IPL.

Additionally, we have changing rooms, hot cedar saunas, private showers, and a cozy lounge. If you’d like some refreshments during your treatment, just let us know while booking an appointment. We even allow group bookings at a 10% discount, complete with champagne and canapés!

Also, we’ve got a range of clinical skincare, local and organic skincare, and hair care products, each of which is available at a great price. So, you can look and feel your best even outside our clinic.


If you’ve been struggling with pigmentation, our laser skin rejuvenation service is your best bet. This technique can improve skin elasticity, decrease fine lines, acne scars, sun damage, and more.

For this procedure, we use high-intensity lasers to remove tattoo pigments from your skin. After examining the size and colour of the tattoo, our trained professional will proceed with the removal in the most gentle way to ensure a comfortable session.

Also known as laser skin resurfacing, this process uses lasers to improve skin texture and quality. Uneven skin tone, acne scars, age spots, large pores- if all of these skin issues sound familiar, try our laser service today!


If you have been plucking or waxing your hair all this time, try switching to shaving, preferably a few weeks before a laser hair removal treatment. This is because the former two methods temporarily remove the hair follicles, which are the main target of the laser beams.
However, some clinics do not mention this as a requirement and make you may need to shave right before the first treatment, depending on the type of laser we decide to use for you. You will have to continue shaving till all the laser hair removal sessions are complete. It is always best to book in for a complimentary assessment to determine if you are a candidate and for which types of treatment.

The intensity of pain during laser hair removal is difficult to describe, as everyone has a different level of pain tolerance. For reference, the laser zaps feel very similar to multiple small stings on your skin. Also, removing dark and coarse hair is more painful than removing thinner hair.
But fret not. The following sessions will not be as painful- either because there are fewer hair follicles left to zap, or you simply get used to the pain! Regardless, the pain gets more manageable, and the results get better within a few treatments.

Your skin can take anywhere between 3-5 days to recover and heal fully. Right after the laser hair removal process, some individuals may look sun-burnt and irritated. Most individuals feel no difference and have no skin irritation. Note that the effects may vary for different skin types.

The number of laser hair removal sessions depends on your hair and skin type. So, you will have a treatment each month until all of your hair roots are zapped. The average is about 8 treatments.

You’ll be able to experience thinner and sparse hair growth after 3-4 laser hair removal treatments. The colour and thickness of your hair, skin type, and quality of laser used, all of these factors influence the permanency of the laser hair removal treatment.


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