Medical facials vs. Spa facials

In my 16 years of being in the Beauty industry, there has been one common thread among all patients/clients. They all want more out of their skincare.  Who doesn’t?

Well, where do we start?  Typically, we get you in for a consultation and start with basic questions like; what are you currently using?  What’s your regimen like?  Are you a face wash in the shower kinda person?  Or do you like to mask and soak in a bath?  Call me a skincare profiler if you will, but from how often you exfoliate, to how you apply your eye cream I can assess and figure out your “skincare style“.  For instance, when experiencing bumpiness or uneven texture under the skin, it is a result of compaction.  Which means that you are not exfoliating enough…think of it as a “stresser” (my fellow Criminal Minds fans will know what I’m talkin’ about).

So to spa or not to spa?  That is the question for all of us in the skincare world.  On the one hand, a spa facialis thought of as relaxing and pampering.  To not spa, booking in for a medical facial, can be too clinical.  Well, not necessarily, at Fluid Day Spa we offer a variety of Facial treatments that can be both relaxing and results driven.  Marrying the two together and creating what we call the “Medispa” experience.  The benefits of having natural/organic skincare lines are that they can be used on almost any skin typeespecially those who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.  But sometimes we need a boost and using medical grade skincare (aka pharmaceuticals or cosmeceuticals) can get us there.  These products are not only elegant to use but are backed with science and technology.  Both treatments can be enjoyable and give us short to long term results.  I used to tell my clients that for every 2 customized facials that you get in 2 months, I would have them come back on the 3rd month and book a Medical facial, like a HydraFacial or a Chemical Peel.  By doing this, you can keep your skin maintained and on days where you need a more aggressive treatment you can have that every 3 months. Keeping up with this skin schedule, you have yourself a perfect combination of both treatment and a treat, call it a healthy skindulgence!

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The benefits of having natural/organic skincare lines are that they can be used on almost any skin type especially those who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

By Susie Santos