Medical Grade Skincare

These days, skincare products can be acquired anywhere. From online to over the counter, one can get products pretty fast and easy. Now which one is best for you? I would probably suggest starting with a skincare consultation.

They can be a casual convo or a more detailed one under a magnifying lamp.  I remember watching clients wince at the moment I would turn on the facial lamp.  It’s not that bad really.  This tool just allows us to get a better look at your skin.  With everything up close and personal, we can better assess you.  Hearing about your day to day while we look and feel across your skin.  Learning about your routines will help us figure out the best remedy to your skincare woes.  With so many skincare lines vying for your attention, it can be difficult to narrow it down.

Some people make their choices on smell and texture while others go the “no pain no gain” route.  But at the end of the day the true test of the product is what it’s actually doing to your skin.  Medical grade skincare is what I would call the next level up.  Using corrective ingredients in higher concentrations, these skincare lines can help clients reach their desired results.  It’s like when you compare extra virgin olive oil to olive oil, you’re getting the highest quality oil with the best flavour when it’s “extra”.

So, Medical grade is the “extra” when it comes to skincare products.  Cost comes into play as well, with quality comes quantity, and some don’t like the price tag.  These active ingredients are packed and parcelled in such a clever way that the investment is worth it.  Often times prescription drugs for skin concerns were too aggressive so when you have an ingredient that is enveloped in another ingredient like a peptide, you now have the perfect vehicle to work through your skin cells.

Less is also more when it comes to the use of Medical grade products so cost/benefit is actually better on your pocket book in the long run.  With such sophisticated delivery systems in skincare today a little goes a long way.  Providing superior resultsMedical grade skincare will change the way you view healthy skin.

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Using corrective ingredients in higher concentrations, these skincare lines can help clients reach their desired results.

By Susie Santos