Nail Art Trends of 2023, Fluid Spa & Salon, Langley BC

Nail Art Trends of 2023

Nail Art Trends of 2023 

If you are not keeping up with the trendy nail art of 2023, you are committing a fashion faux pas. 

Nail art has become a major fashion statement. 

And, you don’t want to feel left out when your friends showcase their fabulous freshly painted nails.

Also, you may set a viral trend with your uniquely painted nails, just like Hailey Bieber does, with her 50 shades of glazed nail art.

For instance, her glazed donut nails that she debuted at the Met Gala in May 2022 became viral and had a lot of people copying her style, popping up on our FYP. 

 As with most viral arts, anything is possible when it comes to nails. 

Here are the hottest nail art trends for 2023 that will have you rocking the most stylish and envy-worthy nails. 

Funky and Fresh Designs 

In 2023, you want to let your creative, playful side come out to play. 

You don’t want anything boring. You must let your nail technician do their magic by creating patterns and brushstroke designs that would make Picasso jealous. 

Also, a funky and fresh nail design will take you from basic to bold in minutes. 

Furthermore, you can go for abstract designs if you do not want to go overboard with funky ideas like mushroom nail art. Abstract designs are a perfect balance of trendy but not too shouting, so you can rock them at work or a night out with friends. 

Floral Prints 

If you are a flower child at heart or yearning for a little sunshine on your nails, you can show off your playful side with floral nail art

For example, daisy prints, rose motifs, and sunflower patterns will make you feel like a walking bouquet.

But this nail art is not limited to just your average floral designs. You can mix them with an abstract design on one nail for a fun and eclectic look. Or use a metallic or glazed finish for an edgy take on the floral design. 

Ombre Nails 

You may have seen ombre nails before, but trust me, these designs are anything but basic. 

This nail art may be perfect for all seasons, but when you want to add a little bit of colour to your look in the fall and winter, ombre nails make it happen. 

Also, ombre nails are diverse. 

Think of gradient colours that fade from light to dark. Or add some art with faded glitter to add a sparkle to your nails. 

You can also add more flair to your ombre nail art by combining pastel shades for a dreamy look or a neon colour scheme for a bold, vibrant take. 

Nude Designs 

Nude designs have been a favourite of many celebrities, and this year, this nail art may still take the world by storm. 

To give your nude nail art a modern twist, you can add a high-shine finish for a glossy, wet look, just like the Lip Gloss nail art trend.

Additionally, you can pick any of these nudes’ nail art variations, as shown in the table below.

Trending Nude Nail Art Design Brief Explanation
Monochromatic nudes Using different shades of nude nail polish adds depth and dimension to your nails. 
Negative Space Nudes This look has some areas of your nails unpainted where you add patterns or shapes or simply leave it blank for a modern look.
Nude and Glitter Ombre Blending a nude shade with a glittery polish to create a stunning ombre effect without being too flashy.
Nude Floral Accents Adding delicate floral accents either hand-painted or applied with stickers to a nude base.

Get An Expert to Create the Trendy Nail Arts 

To create these nail arts, you need a highly skilled and specialized nail technician as it requires precision and attention to detail. 

Also, recreating a trending nail art needs professional-grade tools and products like gels. 

And there is more. 

An expert should be able to customize any design you present to suit your style and preference. And if you don’t know which nail art to select, They can provide recommendations based on your nail shape. 

At Fluid Spa & Salon, we have expert nail technicians who are highly skilled and can recreate any of the nail art trends you fancy.

So, if you want to create a statement with your nails by embracing your inner child or just have them drop-dead gorgeous, contact us today to book an appointment. 

We provide highly rated, safe and customized manicures and pedicures that will have you coming back for more.


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