Couples Massage as a Gift, Fluid Spa

Treat Yourself and Your Partner with a Couples Massage

When people buy their partners a gift, they typically get something for the other person. Gifting your partner a shared experience can strengthen your relationship. And when it comes to experiences, there’s nothing like a massage. It’s comforting, relaxing and, unlike most activities, you are left feeling soothed and free of any aches and pains. A couples massage allows you to share this rejuvenating experience together.

What is a couples massage?

A couples massage is an experience meant to be shared with a loved one. While you can decide to share the experience with your bestie, having a massage with your significant other can take the experience to a whole new level. 

Both persons receive individual massages from a therapist during a couples massage in the same room designed for privacy. The therapists coordinate the treatment so that you and your partner feel the same sensations of relaxation across the body at the same time. 

A darkened room with a calming ambience adds to the experience.

 What makes a couples massage so special?

While getting a massage feels great even when you’re on your own, the shared experience of a couples massage adds a (pardon the pun!) touch that makes it feel extra special. One of the biggest benefits of a couples massage is the quality time you spend together. It can be hard in these hectic times to find some time where you can both relax together without having to discuss chores or make conversation and simply enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company. 

More often than not, when one member of a couple is stressed out, it rubs off on the other one too. It can turn into a vicious cycle. When you get a couple’s massage, you both leave the massage room feeling calm and relaxed. It can be a new beginning for your relationship as you both feel destressed at the same time.

The human sense of touch has several benefits. Massage help release feel good hormones in our bodies like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. This means you feel happier because you’ve had a massage. The happiness multiplies when you see your partner happy too.

Although a couple’s massage isn’t sensual, the entire experience is also a great way increase intimacy levels between a couple it allows you to be vulnerable around each other and bond through quiet conversation or in silence.

You’ll also feel physically fitter after the experience which in turn can improve your relationship with each other.

Experience A Couples Massage at Fluid Spa

The team at Fluid Spa understands how important it is to spend quality time with your loved ones and significant others. That is why we offer special couples packages for you and your partner to share. 

Start the experience by arriving early and spending time relaxing in our cedar sauna. The atmosphere in the sauna not only helps open up the pores of your skin but also opens your mind to entering into a relaxed frame of mind. Enjoy a beverage as you relax. Once you’re in your comfy robe, the therapists will guide you to your massage tables. The spa package starts with an aromatherapy salt scrub body treatment that exfoliates the skin from head to toe. This is then followed by an hour-long aromatherapy massage. Lie back and relax as the delicate scents work on your senses as the masseuses work on your aches and pains. A custom facial completes the experience. Bliss.

The Sky Massage Package allows you a shorter escape for two. 

A couples massage is a unique and thoughtful way to spend time with your partner. Book your experience today! 


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