What are Antioxidants?

We hear how important they are in skin care.  Why?  Well, just like the way a sliced apple’s flesh begins to turn brown when exposed to air, the cells in our body begin to degrade with time, which leads to premature aging.

Oxidative stress occurs when the body’s inability to detox the harmful effects of environmental stressors like UVA/ UVB rays.  Even on cloudy days, UV exposure is still prevalent.  The aging rays (UVA) can penetrate through the clouds and cause damage to our skin creating brown spots or pigmentation.  Antioxidants are a key component to protecting our cells from free radical damage.  Free radicals are molecules that have gone rogue and prevent the body’s ability to counteract or flush out those cells.  Antioxidants naturally aid in neutralizing and allow cell turnover.  As we age our cell turnover rate slows and our body’s own supply of antioxidants are low.  So, without antioxidant protection our skin is defenseless!  By applying them topically we can refill those levels and get our skin back to where we want it to be.

What do we do about it?

Arming your skin with ingredients like Vitamin C, E, Green Tea, Niacinamide and Lycopene (just to name a few) are the best way to protect and repair your skin.  Most people see an improvement in tone and texture in about 4 weeks after use.  The use of Vitamin C alone can show improvement in clarity and luminosity after a few weeks.  These powerful antioxidants increase cell turnover and naturally lighten, brighten and soften skin.  Call it armor for your skin cells.  Antioxidants protect and prevent.  With science improving every day and medical grade skincare coming up with next generation Antioxidants our skin can outlast and outwit those pesky Free Radicals.

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