What is Micro Needling?

If someone told me that I could turn back the clock on my skin…from all the picking and popping of pimples… and the fine lines and wrinkles I’ve acquired… so I could look forever 16 and have skin as soft as a baby’s bottom?  Well, praise the skin gods!!!  Where do I sign up?

Let me introduce you to Medical Needling/Micro needling, aka, Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). Probably one of the hottest trends in skincare right now. This technology uses fine, sterile, one time use micro needlesto create tiny cuts into the skin. These little pokes stimulate fibroblasts in the dermis which then promotes a natural induction of collagen and elastin.  Resulting in a tighter, smoother and brighter complexion. This controlled injury to the epidermis, uses a stamp like motion and is worked across the skin in a cross hatching pattern. These tiny needles can penetrate anywhere from 1.0 to 2.0 millimetres. By creating micro channels the skin can then be infused with therapeutic serums for a greater penetration and efficacy.  Depending on the end point you desire and the skin condition, treatments can vary from person to person and are best recommended to have 4-6 possibly up to 8 treatments and 4-6 weeks apart.

So, who can get this done?

Well, anyone who wants to combat anti-aging, but more specifically, Micro needling is great for the treatment of Acne scarring (ice pick scars and box scars), stretchmarks and pigmentation and for all skin types (even Fitzpatricks 4 and up). This treatment is also great for fine lines and wrinkles and skin laxity.  This treatment is not limited to the faceMicro needling can be performed on other areas of the body such as; arms, legs, neck, back, hands and abdomen.

Does this treatment hurt?

Well what’s that old adage?  “no pain, no gain”.  Micro needling is a minimally invasive, non-surgical, non-ablative, skin rejuvenating treatment. It does require freezing, after all we don’t need to be a hero for everything. Once the topical is applied we wait, anywhere from 15-30mins, then let the needling begin!

What results will I see?

Once the freezing wears off, the heat will begin to settle in and it will feel like a sunburn.  So some downtime is to be expected, anywhere from 2-7 days.  But the magic happens from the first 48-72 hours where the increase of collagen begins as the body goes into fight or flight mode and starts the healing process.  New collagen can last up to several years!  This isn’t an overnight fix so subsequent treatments are recommended for best results.  You are investing in your skin so give it time and patience.  You will reap the benefits of long term health improvement of your skin.

How long does the treatment take?

Well, once topical is removed area by area, the Micro needling itself can take between 30-45 mins. I would say give yourself at least an hour at Fluid Day Spa. The art of beauty cannot be rushed. You’ll want to indulge in all the good stuff that the finishing products have to offer, like growth factors and hyaluronic acid!

Last but not least, give it to me. How much will this cost?

Treatments can range from $200-$600 per session. Most places will offer a volume discount. So don’t fret, we got you covered.

In a nutshell, Micro needling is a great option for someone who doesn’t want the downtime of an ablative treatment. With new collagen induced, gaps in your fine lines will be lifted and plumped, resulting in an overall improvement of texture and firmnes.

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Probably one of the hottest trends in skincare right now. This technology uses fine, sterile, one time use micro needles to create tiny cuts into the skin.

By Susie Santos